Three ‘gentlemen’ are seated together on a cross-country plane trip.
After about an hour the first gentleman, by way of breaking the ice, puts down his New York Times and announces – “My name is Johnathon Smith.”

“Lt. General.”

“U.S. Army.”


“Served in Korea and Vietnam.”


“Two sons.”

“Both Doctors.”

He picks up his paper and continues to read.

About half an hour later, the second gentleman puts down his Washington Post and says, “Dillard Jones.

“Major General.”

“U.S. Air Force.”


“Served in Vietnam and Gulf War I.”


“Two sons.”

“Both Lawyers.”

He then picks up his paper and continues to read.

Later on, the third man puts down his Dailey Racing Form and grunts, “Gus Miller.”

“Gunnery Sergeant.”

“U.S. Marines Corps”


“Served in Korea and Vietnam and Gulf War I and Gulf War II.”

“NEVER married.”

“Two sons, ——– Both Generals!”

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